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„Kalbėdami tiesą su meile, aukime visais atžvilgiais tame, kuris yra galva, - Kristuje.“ (Ef4, 15)
Lietuvos reformacijos istorijos ir kultūros draugija
Confirmation in Vilnius
Friday, 27 August 2010 12:08
Konfirmantai:Šarūnas, Živilė, Kristina

In August 22, Vilnius parish celebrated Confirmation. There were confirmed three young persons: Kristina, Zivile and Sarunas. Confirmation (confirmacio in Latin - strengthening) is approval of Sacrament of Baptism (Christening) within confession of Reformed faith, because a baptism (christening) itself is one for all Christians. Approval of christening for Catholics is the Strengthening Sacrament (called birmavojimas, dirmavone among people).

Some future confirmants attended a Sunday school and confirmation study afterwards. Therefore, they clearly and correctly answered questions given by Tomas Sernas the general superintendent and priest, in front of whole congregation.

Confirmation liturgy was conducted by two priests, T. Sernas and R. Stankevicius. They were assisted by lector E. Tamariunas. T. Sernas reminded to them, who willing accept confirmation blessing, that the world would laugh at them and scorn them because of Lord's name a lot of times, and he wished them to be strong and resist the influence of the world.

After the blessing by laying hands on confirmants' heads, young reformers for the first time participated in the Lord's Supper - Communion. The Communion was given by the priests: bread - by the parson (arba parish priest arba ???) T. Sernas, wine - by R. Stankevicius. Then confirmants were congratulated by V. Cupreva, the parish president and with song chanted by parish youth with piano accompaniment by Gabriele Vasiliauskaite.

From now on Kristina, Zivile and Sarunas have become legitimate members of our parish and will be able to take part in governance of the parish and church. They acquired a right to elect and to be elected, assumed obligation to care about affaires of the parish and the Church and became responsible for its destiny. During the worship, Irena Kalvanaitė Povilanskienė played on an organ and Lina Baublyte played flute.