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„Kalbėdami tiesą su meile, aukime visais atžvilgiais tame, kuris yra galva, - Kristuje.“ (Ef4, 15)
Lietuvos reformacijos istorijos ir kultūros draugija
A Singing Get-together of the Vilnius Reformed Christians
Sunday, 13 March 2011 09:46


On 7th March a session of the congregation of the Vilnius Evangelical Reformed Church was held in the lounge of the Teachers' House in Vilnius. The session was opened by pastor Raimondas Stankevičius with the Holy Word from the 1 Kor 14.26 - 30 and a prayer. Curator Dr. Mykolas Mikalajūnas and Renata Liekienė were elected as the chairman and the secretary of the session.

The chairman of the Elders' Council Vida Cupreva presented the annual account of the congregation activities, enumerating both the things done, pleasant and memorable events, trips, and the account of the financial position.

The Rector pastor Tomas Šernas, who is responsible for the spiritual life of the parish, unfortunately fell ill before the beginning of the session, so his account was read by pastor R.Stankevičius. He announced to the assembly the number of those who were baptized, wed, prepared to be confirmed, and in a silent prayer commemorated those who left us for Eternity.

The member of the Revision Committee Edita Stakionytė threw light on the income and the expenditure of the parish and also how this is reflected in the accountant‘s books.

During a parish session delegates who represent the parish in the Synod in Biržai on the 24th June are being chosen. This year lector Evaldas Tamariūnas and the chairman Vida Cupreva are going to represent the Vilnius parish at the Synod and candidates Dalija Gudliauskienė and Professor Šarūnas Liekis will substitute for them in case they are prevented to do their duty by any circumstance.

It has been several years that lector E.Tamariūnas is helping pastors in their spiritual work both in Vilnius and other parishes. He is finishing his theological studies at Klaipėda University, thus he can be promoted for the ordination as a catechist (earlier the first degree of the ordination of a priest of the Evangelical Reformed Church used to be a "diacon"). The session approved of the recommendation of the Council of the Elders' to ordinate lector E.Tamariūnas as a catechist. The members of the "Giesmė"choir were upset though, as Evaldas, who used to sing in the "Ąžuoliukas" choir, was hardly able to help the tenors for being so busy.

It has become a tradition with the choir "Giesmė", led by Janina Pamarnackienė, to create a warm atmosphere at sessions of the congregation of the Vilnius Evangelical Reformed Church. As usual, the assembly heard a few new appealing to the Reformed pieces of music they have never heard before. This time, at the beginning of the session, the choir sang the 23rd psalm"Lord is my Savior" arranged by Curator of the LEBMS (Lithuanian Unity of the Evangelic Sacral Music) F.Gutovsky (music by W.A.Mozart) and "Go on Fighting"by Walter Kristupas Banaitis.
Then "Giesmė"surprised the listeners - they performed a psalm of mourning "The Inscription on the Tomb of Barbora Radvilaitė"by an unknown author of the 16th century. The Warsaw Reformed Church Chamber choir has included this psalm into their repertoire. When "Giesmė"were visiting in Poland and took part in the events devoted to Johannes Calvin's 500th anniversary together with the Warsaw choir, one of our singers Rasa succeeded in getting the music with the text in Polish for our choir.
At the session of the Vilnius Reformed Church congregation not only the annual results were reviewed but also new plans for the future were discussed. In the spring the Direction of Asveja Regional Park invite the Reformed to plant an oak-tree forest near Dubingiai which is going to be a memorial to the Radvila Dukes. A traditional event at Buikos is awaiting those who live in Vilnius - seeing the storks in and out. Alvydas and Jūratė Verbickas will kindly welcome us in their country house. Aurelija Arlauskienė is planning to involve the congregation into the events of the Days of Cultural Heritage in Šalčininkai region. They will take place in Jašiūnai, Turgeliai, in the former Republic of Pavlov in the village of Merkinė.

The parishioners did not leave right after the session - they together sat down at a table set with homemade sandwiches, sweets and coffee.

Dalija Gudliauskiene