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„Kalbėdami tiesą su meile, aukime visais atžvilgiais tame, kuris yra galva, - Kristuje.“ (Ef4, 15)
Lietuvos reformacijos istorijos ir kultūros draugija
Church is a gathering of believers. It is a spiritual and physical body that lives: feeds on earthy and heavenly food. It's a body, which is in need of shelter, warmth and conditions to grow, which may be healthy and ill, as each body. It can go the road of Christ' mission or stray from it. It is in need of a Good Sheppard and pastors, the servants of the Good Sheppard's Word. It is in need of deacons, the servants at the tables, and elders to direct wise heads. It is in need of teachers-doctors, to be able, in various challenges of the life, to explore what is Gods' education and what's only a passing human wisdom. The Church is God's people on the road. It's like a ship, which, having no skilled, disciplined crew, is only a ghost, bowing by the wind to destruction.

God's nation is as godlike fleet. Its' gatherings - regional, national or local, are godlike squadrons and their ships with passengers and crews. They consist of various callings to serve for execution of specific purposes of common journey, agreeably to Christ's mission. In this section of the site ones can get acquainted with a structure of the Evangelic Reformers as a "godlike fleet". Lithuanian Evangelic Reformed Church is a tiny "boat" of this fleet.