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„Kalbėdami tiesą su meile, aukime visais atžvilgiais tame, kuris yra galva, - Kristuje.“ (Ef4, 15)
Lietuvos reformacijos istorijos ir kultūros draugija
Visit of the Authority of the Evangelical Reformed in Europe
Mardi, 31 Janvier 2012 09:28
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balash_mThe Lithuanian Evangelical Reformed Church is not alone in the challenges it faces. At the beginning of the Advent of 2011, Rev. Ódor Balázs, the vice-president of the World Communion of the Reformed Churches, European Area, came to Vilnius on a working visit. The accredited representative of the Reformed Alliance of Germany (Reformierten Bund in Deutschland) Rev. Erhard Mische was visiting Lithuania during that time as well.

Meetings were held at the President's Palace and at the Ministry of Justice. We should remind the readers that after the attempt to force into the building of the church of Biržai Evangelical Reformed and to interfere with the Synod of the Reformed of Lithuania on the 24th June, the authorities of the World Communion of the Reformed Churches at Geneva and the European Area, immediately submitted applications to state institutions of Lithuania and embassies in other countries. There was also an immediate reaction from one of the most influential Reformed Churches in Germany- the Reformed Church of Lippe Region and the most numerous in Europe - the Reformed Church in Hungary.

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Dr. Dariusz Brycko from Klaipėda leaves to California
Jeudi, 22 Décembre 2011 19:03
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sakas_su_d_brycko_dThe Evangelical Reformed community in Klaipeda has a lovely tradition to stay in the congregation and have a cosy talk over a cup of tea after the service instead of going away immediately. It is meaningful not only to pray together but also to share the thoughts about life after having discussed the general issues related to church life. Spending time together on December 4 was not an exception. Perhaps it was a bit sadder than usual but only slightly because the feeling of separation did not affect the warm communication while saying goodbye to our friends.

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Rev.Tomas Šernas. The State is Still Learning to Respect The Ecclesiastic Law
Samedi, 17 Décembre 2011 17:43
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Nuotraukos autorius Šarūnas Mažeika/BFL © Baltijos fotografijos linijaThere has been a certain tension among separate members of the Lithuanian Evangelical Reformed Church recently, and this year it has culminated in two Ev. Reformed communities sueing each other because of the sale of the buildings belonging to the Ev. Reformed Church. In the eyes of the state everything is legal. Rev. Tomas Šernas is known to many as the minister of the Vilnius Ev. Reformers congregation. In 2010 by the Synod of the Ev. Reformed Church he was elected the head of the Church - the General Superintendent. Rev. T. Šernas agreed to comment on the processes that the Lithuanian Ev. Reformed Church is undergoing currently to the readers of "www.bernardinai.lt".

Could you once again briefly introduce our readers to the current situation of the Ev. Reformed community in Lithuania?

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The Award To Rev. Tomas Šernas
Mercredi, 12 Octobre 2011 06:56
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On September 22 at the Vilnius Officers‘ Club General Superintendent  Rev..Tomas Šernas was given the award for extraordinary merits to the Motherland, Nation and Vilnius. A small group of Vilnius parishioners together with Rev. Raimondas Stankevičius took part in the award ceremony. Rev. Tomas Šernas expressed his gratitude for the award and thanked all the people who had gathered.

This special award was given to all Medininkai customs officers who were killed in 1991. The medals were solemnly handed over to their families.

In 2009 thanks to the public and individual initiative the award for the merits to Vilnius and Nation was set up. The award committee was joined by the coordinating council of NGO which unites 21 public organisations.

The award for the merits to Vilnius and Nation has been given to over 150 people. This group includes such distinguished personalities as poet Justinas Marcinkevičius, academician Jonas Kubilius, the rector of Vilnius University Benediktas Juodka, professor Vytautas Landsbergis etc.

Juridical Decision gives the Community Time to Catch Breath
Lundi, 31 Octobre 2011 14:21
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sesija_birzai_2011_dThe Panevėžys Regional Court declared valid the decree of the Biržai District Court, following which, temporary means of legal protection for the buildings of the Biržai Evangelical Reformed church and the parsonage had been applied.

The decision gave the time for the the congregation members, who had been guarding their church for more than 90 days and nights, to catch their breath.

From now on, the church service will be held one time daily,at 18:15.On Sundays, as usual, it will be held at 11 o'clock.As the church is not being heated and the weather is becoming cooler, the tiring night guard shift will be revoked.

As the minister of Biržai Ev.Reformed congregation Rimas Mikalauskas said, there is no need for the congregation members to stay in the church at nights after the former judgement of the court had been anounced.

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